Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mast partner and step

Arrh maties. I had to take a break from building for a while. I moved and had other stuff going on. What's a pirate's favorite restaurant? Arrrbees.

Here's the mast partner installed with the front brace. I'm going to omit the back brace for now as it's strong enough as it is and I want to think about how I want to use the space with regards to flotation and storage. The partner sits on two cleats attached to the hull sides. If you've got this far on the boat, the partner is easy imho.

Here's the mast step installed below the partner. It's attached to the hull by epoxy and screws. I used 2 pieces of 1/2" ply glued together to make a single 1" inch thick piece 12"X6" in size. I'm using a thicker step because I'm going to attempt to build and use a Chinese junk sail rig which weighs more than the sunfish sail rig that is recommended for this boat. For now I'm not cutting the hole for the mast as I'm still figuring out the mast size. It shouldn't be a problem to do it later.

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